The story behind The Modern Freelancer

A tale of nearly 10 years of Digital Marketing Freelancing that accidentally turned into two innovative startups.

2016-2018 USC

Our founder Alex Bocquet comes with a laundry list of accomplishments in the digital marketing space. But his humble beginnings in digital marketing all started one summer of 2016 while attending the University of Southern California. Him and his business classmates where brainstorming ideas to make extra cash for the summer. Freelance digital marketing quickly became a viable option.

Little did he know learning about driving traffic and conversions using Meta's powerful algorithm would propulse his career immediately upon graduation.

2018-2022 Mutesix

Alex graduates from USC in May of 2018 and after a last semester of intense networking, goes on to join the fastest growing performance marketing agency in the US, Mutesix.

Alex joins as the 30th employee and ends up becoming the fastest growing employee in company history, getting promoted 6 times in the span of 3 years, climbing from entry-level to director level. There's nothing Alex won't do to make his ecommerce clients successful at the agency, and the case studies add up.

Early 2021, Alex now runs a team of 12 performance marketer (the biggest team at the agency), and brings in half a million dollars in agency revenue every month. Mutesix gets acquired for an undisclosed 9-figure amount by giant Dentsu, the job is done.

2022-2024 Betterly

Post acquisition, Alex finds himself in a bit of a transition period, unsure what to do next. Start another agency? Start an ecommerce brand? He decides to put his skillset to good use and goes on to freelance full-time for a period of time. Word spreads, and client referrals start coming in. Unable to handle the volume, Alex starts handing out leads to his close friends he knows will do good by his network because of their solid track record of success.

He ends up charging the next 5 freelancers a referral fee. The pilot behind Betterly was born. In 2022, he bootstraps the company with $100k of his own money. The talent marketplace is designed to introduce world-class digital marketing freelancers to ecommerce brands looking for support. The startup quickly takes off and attracts 200+ clients in its first 2 years. Betterly pays out over $2M in freelance income to freelancers.

2024-Present The Modern Freelancer

In 2024, Alex gets listed by Forbes on the prestigious 30 Under 30 || Marketing & Advertising list.

With close to 10 years of digital marketing freelance experience, Alex becomes a true expert in the field and decides to launch The Modern Freelancer, a blog designed to help highly-skilled digital marketing freelancers launch successful businesses in the ecommerce space.

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